Buying/Selling Information

Why Isn’t Your Home Selling?
It isn’t easy to hear the truth and some agents are not prepared to explain to you what is obvious. The easy way is to wait for the property to be shown and provide feedback from a buyer. What you really need is an agent who is willing to be upfront and plainly tell you the truth.

What happens next?
Once we’ve determined why the home isn’t selling, and there are a wide range of reasons a property doesn’t sell. We cannot change the property location and the easiest remedy is to reduce, reduce, and reduce until it sells. As your honest and upfront REALTOR® I am prepared to go help you SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE.

SAVE Money
Obtaining a Home Warranty can save you money on unexpected repairs.

Staging your home will maximize the home’s appeal to the most consumers.

SAVE Energy
Utilize my effective marketing and strategy planning to get your home sold. Let me show you how you can get the highest dollar for your home in the shortest time frame.

I specialize in working with homeowners whose listings have expired. Contact me today for your personalized home consultation. I don’t just take a listing to list…I take a listing to get it SOLD!